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Chiro supply is a UK online business that caters for the chiropractic industry as well as physical therapists and other physical rehab facilities. Our target customer is the busy clinic manager, who, in order to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently, needs a reliable source of equipment and chiropractic supplies. Chiro supply stock a complete line of products, supplements and accessories that are in daily use in clinics throughout the UK. All emails are monitored constantly and we react quickly to any order, no matter how small.

Massage Gels/Oils

Equipment and Acupuncture Needles



Creating a ‘Win-Win’ Partnership

By buying online, everyone saves. The supplier doesn’t need to send salesmen out to visit the clinics and they are able to pass this saving onto their customers.
The clinic manager saves as well, since they will always have a regular stock on hand of the tools, supplements and other accessories that they need on a daily basis. The clinic also benefits by having a steady supply of affordable, high-quality chiropractic products. By buying online they’re establishing a relationship with their supplier - trade discounts for clinics are available on request, just email: for more information.

Customised Service

Servicing small clinics is the cornerstone of our business. The chiropractic and back pain industry consists mainly of small clinics and individual practices serving their local community. Being small businesses, they operate on tighter profit margins and have to keep a close eye on monthly costs. We know that the key to being able to keep a steady supply of the items that you use on a day to day basis is fast delivery. Being able to keep fewer items on hand allows greater control of your cash flow.
However, you need to have a quick and reliable supplier to make this situation a reality. By relying on Chiro supply's fast order processing and delivery time, you don’t have to worry about running out of stock. We can also supply anything that your patients may want to purchase from you, such as supplements or exercise equipment.
We try and work with our clients to help them expand their product ranges and offer their patients greater supporting treatment they can utilise themselves, like vitamins, massage gels and lumbar supports etc. Back pain related items are likely to be your most popular products but you may not be able to keep them all in stock. Knowing you can offer them quickly will provide extra value to your patients.

Fast, Efficient Delivery

Our policy is that if a customer doesn’t see the product that they need listed in the product line-up, all they need to do is send us an email telling us about the product and we will do our best to source a supplier and keep a regular stock available for any future requirements. This can be a real help to clinic managers who simply don’t have the time to look for chiropractic suppliers, or worse, have to waste time negotiating for the lowest prices from several different suppliers.
We ship all ordered products within one working day of receiving the order and use the Royal Mail service exclusively. If, for any reason, you wish to return a product please ensure it is in the same condition and packaging as it was on delivery and that we receive it within 60 days of purchase. We will then contact you and issue a full credit for the item(s).